What is Mold?

Mold is biological growth that needs very little encouragement to flourish.  All you need is water, and a little bit of base material to feed it.  Mold grows very well when you leave it alone, so closets, crawlspaces, basements, and attics are some of the most common areas you will find mold in the home.  The high use of water in kitchens and bathrooms makes them very likely as well.

How does it get into my home?

The building blocks, or spores, of mold travel in the air.  There is very little to be done to avoid these airborne particles getting into our living spaces.

Follow this link for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)’s resources and education on mold in the home:


What, if any, are the health risks?

Mold can cause irritation for almost everyone, but those with allergies are the most susceptible.

The link below will take you to the EPA’s page on the health concerns attached to Mold.


There are some breeds of mold that are so commonly occurring that they are considered normal in every test.  There are others that are relatively rare that pose a much higher health risk.  Unfortunately, many types of mold have similar growth patterns and colors, so there is not easy way to identify those that are the greatest concern.

What can I do?

A Mold Inspection will include a detailed search for evidence and risk factors contributing to mold growth.  We here at Safety 1st Property Inspections can perform stand alone Mold Inspections if that is your primary concern.  Every General Home Inspection we perform includes a visual inspection for evidence of mold growth as well.  There is no additional cost to the home inspection until we agree that testing should be performed.

We are certified to perform Mold testing, and will always be happy to help whether you are buying, selling, or just want to safely keep living in your home.  The tests themselves include swab, lift tape, and air sampling. Each of them is performed on site and then delivered to a lab for detailed analysis with results within 72 hours.

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