Waiving The Inspection

The short answer is always no, but the realities of today’s housing market may force you to do something you would otherwise not do.  Things like paying over asking price and even waiving your right to an inspection are becoming somewhat common.  Every day inspectors are being asked to do inspections for buyers who have purchased a home already, but never got an inspection.  Now they’re stuck with it regardless of the inspectors’ findings.

I frequently perform inspections for buyers who are convinced theirs will be the emptiest inspection report because they’re sure the house is perfect.  It’s sad to see their mood change as I point out issues ranging from minor to major throughout the home.  The reality is that when you’ve been looking for your dream home, and you feel you’ve found it at last, you may unintentionally put the blinders on as you walk through.

One of the greatest reasons to have an inspection is that your inspector doesn’t have a stake in the process beyond his or her inspection fee.  I’m never there to tell you to buy or not buy a home.  I’m only there to tell you what may be in need of correction.  I’ve had quite a few clients who have had me come to a 2nd house after walking away from the 1st. Every one of them was convinced that the 1st one was just right for them, and they changed their mind after the inspection findings were explained.

If you feel you need to waive the inspection in order to have your offer accepted, then you should arm yourself with as much information as possible.  Consider hiring an inspector to perform a Walk Through during your showing.  Bringing an inspector with you to visually consider the property and discuss what they’re seeing could be the difference between nabbing your dream home and making a choice you quickly regret.

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